VHS Catalogue

No MN Item Code Description Brand Origin Category Sub Category Weight /Kg Dimension Cm
1400033065X893Crimped Wire Cup Brush, Arbor, 4In.WEILERUnited StatesAbrasivesAbrasive Brushes and Wheel Kits0,6813 x 13 x 10
2402729216A0777" x 1/4" Depressed Center Wheel, Aluminum Oxide, 5/8"-11 Arbor Size,Type 27,Gemini Long LifeNORTONChina AbrasivesCut-Off and Grinding Wheels0,4719 x 19 x 5
3402886265LTZ6Abrsv Cut Whl,14 In D,3/32 In T,1 In AHUNITED ABRASIVES-SAITUnited StatesAbrasivesCut-Off and Grinding Wheels0,5836 x 36 x 2
4403146975A928Cut-Off Wheel, 0.062"Thickness, 3/8" Arbor HoleNORTONUnited StatesAbrasivesCut-Off and Grinding Wheels0,0311 x 11 x 2
54038572432WL34DISK, CUTTING, STAINLESS STEEL 5" DIA XZIPItalyAbrasivesCut-Off and Grinding Wheels141,2913 x 13 x 1
6403857251AUC2Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel, Ceramic, 7/8" Arbor Size,Type 27, SaitechUNITED ABRASIVES-SAITUnited StatesAbrasivesCut-Off and Grinding Wheels0,0410 x 10 x 2
7402829744JG63Hook, Coat/Hat, BrassGRAINGER APPROVEDTaiwanFastenersHooks0,049 x 7 x 4
8400013004A803Utility KnifeGray, Carbon Steel Utility Knife, 6" Overall LengthSTANLEYUnited StatesHand ToolsCutting Tools0,1522 x 21 x 4
9400633704R169Stainless Steel Multi-Tool Knife, Number of Tools: 2, Multi Tool Series: Electrician's KnifePROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsCutting Tools0,1111 x 4 x 3
10402266513R286Wire Stripper,22 to 10 AWG,8-1/4 InPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsCutting Tools0,2227 x 9 x 3
11402266533R188Diagonal Cutter,4-7/16 In. L,9/16 In. LPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsCutting Tools0,0916 x 8 x 3
12402835943R197Diagonal Cutter,7-5/16 In L,2-5/32 In LPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsCutting Tools0,2223 x 7 x 3
13402836323R291Aviation Snips,Straight,10 InPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsCutting Tools0,4526 x 7 x 3
14402779074A099Hammer,Hickory HandleVAUGHANUnited StatesHand ToolsHammers and Striking Tools0,5229 x 21 x 4
154028259145NA27SLEDGE HAMMER, 3 LB.,14 IN,FIBERGLASSNUPLAUnited StatesHand ToolsHammers and Striking Tools1,9041 x 5 x 6
16402835914FKX4Engineers Hammer,2 Lb,Hickory1NUPLAUnited StatesHand ToolsHammers and Striking Tools1,2038 x 10 x 4
174028361453CT50Ball Pein Hammer,24 Oz ,FiberglassPROTOMexicoHand ToolsHammers and Striking Tools1,1040 x 13 x 5
184028361653CT52Hammer, Head Weight (Oz.) 32.0, Fiberglass Handle, Overall Length (In.) 15-1/4PROTOMexicoHand ToolsHammers and Striking Tools1,3039 x 14 x 6
19402826364RA73Hacksaw Blade,12In,32TPI,Bi-Metal,PK10LENOXUnited StatesHand ToolsHand Saws and Sawhorses0,2036 x 5 x 2
20402833062VU80CARPENTER SAW,COARSE,20IN,HARDWOOD,9TPIIRWINChinaHand ToolsHand Saws and Sawhorses0,5261 x 14 x 4
214028262581106SCRAPER, 5FT HICKORY HANDLE, 3.75" X 6" BLADE X 48 IN HANDLEAMESUnited StatesHand ToolsMasonry, Concrete and Tile Tools1,50149 x 10 x 6
22402826436R171SAE/Metric Comb SquareSTANLEYChina Hand ToolsMeasuring and Layout Tools0,2931 x 15 x 2
234028331323J464I Beam Level,Alum,24In L,3 Vials,SilverJOHNSONChinaHand ToolsMeasuring and Layout Tools0,3161 x 7 x 4
24402835973R252Linesman Pliers,7-1/4 In, Dipped HandlePROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsPliers0,3127 x 7 x 3
254028360010G657Locking Pliers,Straight Jaw,7-15/32 In LPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsPliers0,4020 x 6 x 2
26402836014EAA6Locking Pliers,Curved Jaw,9-4/11 In. LPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsPliers0,6325 x 9 x 4
27402836053R211Needle Nose Pliers,6-5/8 In. LPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsPliers0,1819 x 7 x 3
28402836134JV78Tongue and Groove Pliers,10-3/16 In.PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsPliers0,4030 x 7 x 3
29402836406R30529" Slotted Claw Ripping BarSTANLEYMexicoHand ToolsPryers and Pullers1,9277 x 13 x 4
3040283534429R6815/16" Steel Socket with 1/2" Drive Size and Polished FinishPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsRatchets and Sockets0,125 x 4 x 4
314022542453DU42Torx Bit Set,Steel,11 pcs.WIHA TOOLSTaiwanHand ToolsScrewdrivers and Nutdrivers0,1616 x 8 x 3
32402825743R990Screwdriver,Phillips,#1x3 In,Non-SlipPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsScrewdrivers and Nutdrivers0,0618 x 4 x 4
33402825753R991Screwdriver,Phillips,#2x4In,RoundPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsScrewdrivers and Nutdrivers0,1122 x 4 x 4
344028257753JR99Steel Screwdriver with 4" Shank and 1/4" Standard TipSTANLEYTaiwanHand ToolsScrewdrivers and Nutdrivers0,1128 x 6 x 4
35402825793R976Screwdriver,Slotted,3/8x8 In,CushionPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsScrewdrivers and Nutdrivers0,2736 x 5 x 6
36400306661AM19Classic Pear Head Ratchet,1/2 In DrPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsSockets and Bits0,6826 x 6 x 5
37402852605C854Socket Set,1/4 In Dr,17 pcPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsSockets and Bits1,1327 x 22 x 7
38403053035C902Socket Set,1/2 In Dr,15 pcPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsSockets and Bits1,4149 x 12 x 8
394021488240JC95Portable Tool Box,20"Wx8-1/2"Dx9-1/2"HPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsTool Storage5,5652 x 25 x 27
40400034543R415Straight Pipe Wrench,Steel,14 in. LPROTOSpainHand ToolsWrenches1,6835 x 9 x 5
41400616261AKW6Combination Wrench,1/2 In.,SAE,12 Pt.PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,0921 x 3 x 2
4240061627449P199/16", Combination Wrench, SAE, Satin Finish, Number of Points: 12PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,1223 x 4 x 2
4340214743449N3415/16", Combination Wrench, SAE, Black Oxide Finish, Number of Points: 12PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,4234 x 6 x 3
4440217256449P0910mm, Combination Wrench, Metric, Satin Finish, Number of Points: 12PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,057 x 3 x 1
4540217265426D78Combination Wrench,19mm,Metric,12 PtPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,2329 x 5 x 2
46402174671ALW8Combination Wrench,3/4 In.,SAE,6 Pt.PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,2434 x 5 x 2
47402174681ALX0Combination Wrench,7/8 In.,SAE,6 Pt.PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,3629 x 5 x 2
48402315813R369Adjustable Wrench,8 in.,Chrome,PlainPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,2422 x 8 x 3
49402776206X301Hex Key Set,Pieces 8,S5EKLINDUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,0913 x 8 x 4
50402826483R357Adjustable Wrench,4 in.,Chrome,PlainPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,0612 x 4 x 2
51402826493R363Adjustable Wrench,6 in.,Chrome,PlainPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,1316 x 6 x 2
52402826503R376Adjustable Wrench,10 in.,Chrome,CushionPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,4327 x 8 x 2
53402833521ALM6Combination Wrench,12mm,Metric,12 Pt.PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,0620 x 3 x 1
5440283353449P1717mm, Combination Wrench, Metric, Satin Finish, Number of Points: 12PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,2026 x 4 x 2
5540283354449P2118mm, Combination Wrench, Metric, Satin Finish, Number of Points: 12PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,2227 x 5 x 3
5640283356449P2824mm, Combination Wrench, Metric, Satin Finish, Number of Points: 12PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,4234 x 6 x 3
57402834153R385Adjustable Wrench,12 in.,Black,PlainPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,6832 x 8 x 2
58402834163R390Adjustable Wrench,15 in.,Black,PlainPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches1,3439 x 10 x 3
59402835853R808Hex Key Set,3/16 - 3/8 In.,Fold-UpPROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches0,3614 x 3 x 3
6040309179426F051/2" Fixed Micrometer Torque Wrench, 15-1/32"L, 16 to 80 ft.-lb.PROTOUnited StatesHand ToolsWrenches1,3251 x 9 x 8
61402996533HHT6Hook-Style Door Holder,2-1/4In,Stn BronzROCKWOODTaiwanHardwareDoor Hardware0,4012 x 8 x 7
62403460492KCY3Electric Infrared Heater,17,060 BtuHFOSTORIAUnited StatesHVAC and RefrigerationHeaters1,1292 x 40 x 30
63402833213R995Screw Extractor SetPROTOUnited StatesMachiningMachining Supplies0,1312 x 5 x 3
644017543829WP63Anchor Shackle,Carbon Steel,4000 lb.CROSBYUnited StatesMaterial HandlingLifting Hardware0,299 x 10 x 4
65402838846A218Strapping Cutter,For 1 1/4In W StrapCRESCENT H.K. PORTERUnited StatesMaterial HandlingStrapping and Strapping Equipment0,7232 x 6 x 6
664028259518-806Rake heavy duty, 17 7/8" wide 66" lg straight handle . itJACKSONUnited StatesOutdoor EquipmentRakes and Cultivating Tools2,45127 x 48 x 11
67403230413ZC27Lawn Rake, Wood HandleTRUE TEMPERUnited StatesOutdoor EquipmentRakes and Cultivating Tools0,98122 x 72 x 24
68400008121WG31Shovel,Str Rnd Pt 48" Handle 14ga 8-3/4"w x 11-3/4"l Round Point Blade, Tempered Steel, Straight Ash Wood Handle, 6/BndlWESTWARDMexicoOutdoor EquipmentShovels, Tampers, and Digging Tools1,72149 x 23 x 14
69402825961WG34Shovel,D-grip Sq Pt 30" Handle 14ga 9-3/4"w x 11-1/2"l Square Point Blade, Tempered Steel, D-grip Ash Wood Handle, 6/BndlWESTWARDMexicoOutdoor EquipmentShovels, Tampers, and Digging Tools2,13106 x 23 x 13
70402830931WG33Shovel,D-grip Rnd Pt 30" Handle 14ga 8-3/4"w x 11-3/4"l Round Point Blade, Tempered Steel, D-grip Ash Wood Handle, 6/bdlWESTWARDMexico Outdoor EquipmentShovels, Tampers, and Digging Tools2,04106 x 13 x 24
71403965621WG32Shovel, Str Sq Pt 48" Handle 14ga 9-3/4"w x 11-1/2"l Square Point Blade, Tempered Steel, Straight Ash Wood Handle, 6/BndWESTWARDMexicoOutdoor EquipmentShovels, Tampers, and Digging Tools2,13148 x 26 x 13
72402830216YU41SCRAPER 4" HICKORY HANDLE, 5" X 7" BLADE, HDAMES TOOLSChina Outdoor EquipmentSnow and Ice Removal1,47122 x 0 x 0
74402920861RNE2Y Strainer,304 SS,1-1/2",FNPT x FNPTMUELLER STEAM SPECIALTYUnited StatesPlumbingFiltration4,2017 x 18 x 11
76402791894TG45Masonry Drill Bit, SDS Plus, 5/8InDia, 8InLDEWALTGermany Power ToolsDrilling Accessories0,1529 x 6 x 2
77403053144AK59Carbide Hole Cutter, 15/16In, Cut D 2InMILWAUKEEJapanPower ToolsDrilling Accessories0,1111 x 4 x 4
784031788223Y550Hammer Drill Bit, SDS Plus, 7/8x8InMILWAUKEEGermany Power ToolsDrilling Accessories0,2730 x 5 x 3
79403947181FW60Phillips Power Bit,#2,2-13/16 InPROTOUnited StatesPower ToolsFastening Tools and Accessories0,048 x 2 x 2
804039499532NL6111-Amp Paddle-Switch AngleGrinder with 4-1/2" Wheel Dia.DEWALTUnited StatesPower ToolsFinishing Tools2,6340 x 6 x 3
81402838827P071Hand Drum Pump,Rotary,Cast IronPLEWSTaiwanPumpsDrum and Barrel Pumps5,0268 x 15 x 19
824029284610J823Nozzle,Diesel FuelDAYTONIndiaPumpsPump Accessories1,4141 x 9 x 7
83403902101UM56Back Support with Stay, Back Support Size: L, 9" Width,Fits Waist Size 34"To 38"CONDORChinaSafetyErgonomics0,1726 x 26 x 7
844030503148MA80Black Electrical Gloves, Natural Rubber Latex, 3 Class, Size 10MARIGOLDMalaysiaSafetyGloves and Hand Protection1,4350 x 21 x 11
854000748948Z708Warning Light,LED,Red,120VACFEDERAL SIGNALUnited StatesSafetySafety Alarms and Warnings4,3131 x 31 x 36
86402836953BB62Winter Liner, Blue, UnvrslCONDORChinaSafetyWorkwear0,0336 x 28 x 13
87402838893MD42Forged General Purpose Hoe with 60" Vinyl-Coated Fiberglass HandleNUPLAVariesOutdoor EquipmentRakes and Cultivating Tools1.62159.25 x 17.78 x 17.78