Lubrication keeps motors, tools, and mechanical equipment well-oiled so they can run smoothly. Apply silicone lubricants, bearing greases, machine oils, and other lubricant products to moving parts to reduce friction between them and avoid corrosion and seizing that can lead to costly downtime. Grease guns, degreasers, grease fittings, and flexible hose lubrication systems can be used to apply or remove industrial lubricants for routine maintenance or on-site repairs.

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Lubricants & Penetrating Lubricants

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Lubricants reduce friction, wear, and overheating in mechanical equipment by preventing surfaces from rubbing against each other. These fluids can be applied to parts such as wheels or hinges to coat them with a slippery film that helps them move more smoothly. This extends the life of machinery by protecting moving parts such as cables, gears, belts, and chains. Some lubricants are specially formulated to perform best on electrical components, belts and pulleys, packaging chutes, or oven-chain conveyors. General purpose lubricants are suitable for reducing friction, wear, and squeaking in a variety of applications.



General Purpose Lubricant

Penetrating lubricants loosen fasteners or bolts that are stuck or frozen in place so they can be removed or separated. These liquids seep into crevices or small spaces between threaded parts to release them. They can displace moisture and prevent corrosion between fasteners. Penetrating lubricants evaporate more quickly than other lubricants, so they are better used for short-term lubrication.


Lubricant Pump

Lubricant pumps (sometimes called grease pumps) move large volumes of oil, grease, or other lubricants from a storage container or reservoir. They provide operator control of the lubricant flow rate and allow dispensing exactly where needed. They’re often used for applying lubricant onto moving machinery parts and into hard-to-reach areas. Air-operated grease pumps run on compressed air to dispense grease more consistently and with less effort than manual grease pumps. Bearing packers (also called grease packers) remove old grease from ball or roller bearings and refill them with new grease. Manual grease pumps are portable, hand-powered pumps. Oil pumps dispense oil from a container to machinery or transfer oil to small containers or reservoirs.

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Oilers, Reservoirs and Sprayers

Oilers, reservoirs, and sprayers dispense oil or other lubricants onto equipment to help prevent wear, keep metal parts cool, and provide a layer of protection against corrosion. They ensure that the right amount of lubricant is dispensed. Oiler cans and reservoirs are ideal for jobs where lubricants need to be applied to precise areas. Sprayers dispense oil over a large area.